Hinkson Creek Center Line

An update of Hinkson Creek "Hydro_lines" (Boone County) stream centerline based on 2009 1 foot LiDAR DEM and 6" 2011 Leaf-off 3 band aerial photography.

The Hinkson Creek stream centerline (Hydro_Lines) provided by Boone County was based on 2007 ortho imagery and upon visual inspection, discrepancies between the centerline and stream channel in the 2009 LiDAR hillshade (provided by Boone County) and the 2011 6 inch Leaf-off aerial photography (provided by Boone County) were noticed. As a result, MoRAP manually edited the Hinkson Creek stream centerline to reflect its location based on 2009 LiDAR hillshade and the 2011 imagery. Upon editing, it was discovered that there were locations where the LiDAR and imagery did not match due to bank and stream channel changes between 2009 and 2011. In these situations the stream centerline was modified to more closely reflect its location in the LiDAR, which was used to develop several other datasets. Data was developed at 1:1000 scale.